What Our Users are Saying About FYI.to

What Our Users are Saying About FYI.to

Comments from some of our most enthusiastic users. Must be logged into your LinkedIn account to visit the links.

Mark Weathers - Video creative

It's all you need to create a content hub for your brands' videos in under 2 minutes. What is it? If you want to create a Netflix style video content hub for all your brands' video's regardless of where those videos live on the internet then check out a web service called FYI.to It works with YouTube links, Linkedin links, Vimeo links and more allowing you to aggregate all your videos on a quick-build microsite associated with your brand. You can build a mini-Netflix in seconds.

Robert Hix on LinkedIn: “THIS IS BRILLIANT! Looking for…

THIS IS BRILLIANT! Looking for a way to curate your disparate videos across social media on to ONE URL site, similar to the thumbnail experience of Netflix or iTunes? This is it! I can now easily direct livestream prospects to one site/ URL that showcases all of the current programs and events I produce for brands across social media. Check out https://fyi.to/ and see how easy it is to do.

Erol Ertumen - A Christian Financial Solutions Advisor Who Helps Entrepreneurs Get Results from LinkedIn via LinkedIn Consulting & LinkedIn Profile Optimization

In the mean time, Rodrigo MARTINEZ has come up with a solution that anyone creating content here on Linkedin and elsewhere needs to know about. He is the founder of fyi.to which is a platform wherein one can upload links to content, catagorize it, make it more widely searchable and share it.

Victoria Tretis - Business Wing-Woman | Virtual Assistant | Executive Support

The awesome Rodrigo MARTINEZ came up with a super snazzy way to collate all of those wonderful videos from the hashtag#10Tips10Days series that we keep on seeing (and yet sometimes missing - stoopid LinkedIn) on here...So if you google "10tips10days" you'll find awe-inspiring content and learn something new without having to scroll through hashtags for hours. AND you can bookmark the link to view the contents at your leisure. Genius!

Omozua Ameze Isiramen - Emotional Mastery Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Thanks to Rodrigo MARTINEZ , all my 10 Tips can now be found in one place! I appreciate your work, Rodrigo MARTINEZ 🙏 You're a genius! Now, if you type "10tips10days Omozua" into Google, you'll find all "10tips" without having to scroll through hashtags for hours. AND you can bookmark the link to view the contents at your leisure.

🎬 Karen van Hout on LinkedIn: “- Karen, I know you…

- Karen, I know you are on holiday but would you like to join the challenge anyway? - What challenge? - 10Tips, 10 days. On video. - Whaaaaat? O…

Claire Sewell on LinkedIn: “Thanks to the awesome Rodrigo…

Thanks to the awesome Rodrigo MARTINEZ, here is my #10Tips10Days series, fully collated, on how to get more 'in-joy'ment in your day.  Head's up, it'…

Russ Johns on LinkedIn: “Have you ever wanted a…

Have you ever wanted a way to share a few different bits of information all at once? Rodrigo MARTINEZ created a way to can do it simply and with el…

Mike O'Connor on LinkedIn: “In case you missed me…

In case you missed me talking about FYI.to before: Rodrigo MARTINEZ is a #digitalmarketing genius. Just ask #experts in the know. https://lnkd.in/…

Micah Quinto - | helping others live a life they deserve |

Thank you to Rodrigo MARTINEZ ✔︎ for an incredible tool, eye catching and innovative way to build momentum in any size business. A million likes and more!!

Mike O'Connor - Creator-Chief Happiness Officer - Service Professionals Network- SPNlocal | LinkedIn

This site is like a swiss army knive for digital marketers of all types, because it takes literally a second to sign up and has a lot uses. It's also 100% troll proof, so it's hassle free once you set it up. The simplicity of the site's design mean you don't really have one more site to manage or worry about. You paste your links, write your descriptions and you're done.

Julian Talbot - Author, Speaker, Thinker, Peregrinator - JulianTalbot.com | LinkedIn

From the first, I've loved the ease of use of FYI and have made several of them now. It's a great way to curate decent content or portfolios and I think we'll see a lot more of it over the years.

3 Ways to Use Fyi.to and #Smartlists to Promote Your Brand or Business Online

I am a total TECHY (not to be confused with TRECH-Y). I love anything that makes life easier. I have taught myself how to build databases, websites

Rachael Krasny - Self Employed - RED HEAD CREDIT REPAIR-US | LinkedIn

This free digital marketing tool that you’ve created through FYI.to has really helped my business grow.

Chloe Hacquard | LinkedIn

« Hi Guys did you know that https://fyi.to/ is the new one best seller ? If you want to be on the Top with the Winners then you have to use FYI !

Tonya Parker - Content Production and Management - Parker Content | LinkedIn

I finally found a quick and easy way to save my favorite links to articles and posts on different topics. I spent Friday evening getting started on my curated sets at fyi.to

Vicki McCracken | LinkedIn

https://fyi.to is a neat web application that allows you to bring together content from multiple locations into a single Webpage or Smartlist. Oh, did I mention that it's free!! Many thanks to Rodrigo MARTINEZ and his team for developing it.

Elizabeth Strother | LinkedIn

I find FYI.to an amazing platform. Even better than the page #Amazon gives us, I can actually organize products and highlight them much more effectively with #Fyi.to

Jeff Young - Professional Networker, LinkedIn Trainer, ★ #TheLinkedInGuru ★ - LinkedIn Guru | LinkedIn

#TheLinkedInGuru OKAY LinkedIn...you don't want to give me a grid view of my articles? "Okey Doke!" (done in my best Reverend Jim of the TV Series Taxi voice)... I'll just put my grid view somewhere else.

I Recommend You Don't Use LinkedIn

That title may confuse you. But its intent is true! You see, recommendations are one of the best things about LinkedIn - but they bury them. So I

Alberto Raggio - Helping B2B & B2C Companies Convert 20% More Customers with Ninja Skills (CEO ) - Dallas SEO Web Design Experts ImOnRu | LinkedIn

You will hate your self the day that you understand what Rodrigo MARTINEZ ✔︎ has created with FYI. YOU HAVE NO CLUE! If you have not registered 1000 FYI names, you are 1. Crazy 2. Very Wealthy 3. Have not understood the $$$ behind it 4.? Need help hit me up I will give you for free the first time a plan of action.

Ash Rao, MBA, CPCC - Global Talent Acquisition - Verizon | LinkedIn

If you have not yet tried the tool - https://fyi.to/ - you are missing out!! It is super easy to build your own #Smartlist - can be anything you want to organize , share or promote ! The founder Rodrigo Martinez had made it very user friendly and it takes less than 10 minutes to make your own #Smartlist!

Sharifah Fazzeleen Syed Ali - Director - Flare Pte Ltd | LinkedIn

I've been sharing this amazing tool to my friends and family. It is super easy and fun to use. The design is creative and eye-catching. To me it's like a virtual filing cabinet where I can store all my best memories and important information. I can even put it on private or share it with someone deserving. Each file is called a "Smartlist". All I need to do is to copy and paste the url to input or share out. I can highlight a "card" on the "Smartlist" when I share it with my clients so that they know that this is the one recommended specifically for them. A great marketing and sales tool for all to use.

Jane Jackson ✦ Career Coach ICF | LinkedIn

An amazing new creation by Rodrigo MARTINEZ ✔︎ that takes multiple URLs and puts them into one. It's called fyi.to and is a simple way to direct people to the sites you have that will benefit them - check it out how it works here: