New Smartlist - 1Q 2020

New visuals and new features: dynamic or static grid; cards with different sizes; cards in gallery mode; new colour pallet; new customization options, among other powerful features.

New Profile - 1Q 2020

New profile, with comprehensive features to fit multiple use cases: intro video, portfolio, contact info, social media profiles, call to action button, email capture, and many others.

Virtual Namecard - 1Q 2020

Make your profile your virtual namecard. With that people can save all your contact information and your Profile Smartlist in their mobile contact book with 1 click.

E-mail Signature - 2Q 2020

Email signature generator. Make your profile into an elegant and powerful email signature to extend your reach.

Mobile App - 4Q 2020 mobile app. Create Smartlists on the go via your smartphone.